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Caleche USA - a truly innovative company which develops and builds Luxury Multi Purpose Tour Vehicles.

Thanks to-an extremely dedicated team Caleche USA rapidly established itself as an opportunity for operators to offer a revolutionary passenger experience without compromise.

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The very essence of Caleche USA-is focused on allowing operators to extract revenue from offering Luxury tours any time of the year, regardless of the climate or weather conditions. The world we live in has unlimited beauty to offer and now Operators can truly offer a Luxury Panoramic Experience 365 days a year.

Skylite Sprinter
Whether your are an established tour company or looking to add a tour experience for your current business model, Caleche USA has the perfect model for you. The SkyLite offers the ability to transport corporate and executive clients while adding a truly panoramic experience.
The Panoramic
The Panoramic represents the ultimate tour vehicle with the ability to offer a Luxury Convertible Experience while adapting to the weather with the press of a button. Never before have passengers experienced a scenic tour like this.

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The Team

Robin Verachtert

Robin Verachtert

Dennis L. Shaffer

Dennis L. Shaffer

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